Paver Sealing Orlando

Unsealed pavers allow for rapid deterioration due to the porous nature of pavers. Since pavers are porous this allows mold, mildew and algae to form and grow. It also allows UV rays to penetrate and damage the pavers. Once damaged, pavers will have to be restored and/or replaced which is a very costly process.

Paver sealing protects against the extreme Florida sun and elements, as well as against oil spills and rust. Paver sealing also inhibits mold, mildew, insects, weeds and algae. Increase curb appeal and property value instantly by sealing your driveway, walkway, porch, lanai and pool deck.

  • Our three step paver sealing process includes:
  • Thorough cleaning with professional grade equipment
  • Sanding to stabilize joints and inhibit weed growth
  • Sealing with long lasting (3-5 years) professional sealant products

We are nationally certified paver sealing applicators. We are Florida state fully licensed and  insured. Call us today 407-697-8603 for a free estimate.

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